Always strive to do more

In any scenario, people should always strive to do more. You have to work hard and push your limits. You can’t let anyone tell you no. If you want to do something, then go do it. You can’t give up and make excuses, you can really do anything.

Push your limits, Don’t reach them

Andrew Kearns is Photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Andrew quit his day job to go beyond his limits and live his dream. So far, it has done him very well. Andrew is always traveling and on the move. On top of all this, he creates vlogs to capture all these


precious moments to share with us. Andrew has the ability to motivate and inspire, he is like a coach pushing you to do more who leads by example. Andrew Kearns has inspired me to take on my own dream as a photographer, and to push my limits. Not reach them.

      Vlog 7 is a very important vlog. There are a lot of reasons why this vlog inspires me; however, it is not only me, there are other people this vlog has inspired. In this vlog, Andrew shares his story how: he moved around a ton growing up and music was his life then decided he didn’t want music to be his life, took a photography class and fell in love with the craft. He started working hard, made life changing decisions and worked a normal job. In the vlog, Andrew states “Now I do what I love for work and I make enough to be comfortable, I’m doing just fine and I don’t really have to worry about things. But, I was comfortable and doing just fine at Starbucks too. And doing just fine is not what this is about, it’s about pushing your limits and exceeding them. Once you find your limit, you’re doing something wrong, you’re not improving and that’s not what I want. When you put yourself out there on a risk where you can’t fail, you have no choice but to succeed.”

The point of this blog post is to motivate you to do more with your life. Hopefully, sharing Vlog 7 and Andrew’s words of wisdom helped. Because it really motivates me to get out there. Although I have a different path and you do too, there is always room for a little more and achieving your goals.


Break Societies Rules

Most of the time people are scared to go beyond their limits. Why?

One thing that confines them is society and what other people think. The internet has contributed a lot to this way of thinking and it has a big effect on the youth. Something you can’t dodge is the Internet, it’s so involved in our everyday lives. What’s the longest you have gone without using the Internet? You need it to work, see what the latest post is on Instagram, to find memes, call your friends, and more. One thing that you can’t dodge is people’s judgment on the internet. The best thing to do is to ignore it and focus on what’s important. Create the life you love, no matter what they say, if it makes you happy then keep doing it. 

I’ve written about  “Creating the life you love” by Indy Severe once before but I was only applying to myself. Being a part of the youth I can relate to a lot of the kids her post targets. To create the life you love, you NEED to break societies rules to be who you are and do what you love. This mindset is all about perspective.


In order to be able to what you love and to do more, you cannot let people or society tell you no. No matter how much hate is around you, there is always room to strive. Since Ive started growing as a photographer so many people have told me “you won’t make enough money” or “it’s not stable” but I have chosen to let those things go through one ear and out the other. Even if it is true, this is what I want to do and no one is going to tell me no. Whatever path you choose: go to school or not, start a business, travel, write a book, literally ANYTHING. If it makes you happy, then go for it. You only live once.

Work Hard and Never give up


In 1997, Masashi Kishimoto, created one of the greatest manga of all time called Naruto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, the most unpredictable ninja, who is constantly searching for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage. The Hokage is the ninja of his village who is the leader and the strongest of all. The predominant theme is to never give up, just like Naruto. Growing up he was hated by the village and the weakest in his class, he worked hard day and night to get approval from everyone. He has endured pain and hatred; however, it never stopped him from working hard to reach his goal.

“There are two types of ninjas, those who are born with talent and don’t have to work at it, and those who have to train everyday of their lives. I will prove my point that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” -Rock Lee

The source of all bad habits is laziness. Ninjas like Naruto, Might Guy, and Rock Lee teach is that hard work beats everything. Laziness is something we should overcome, work hard for what you want to achieve, practice in private and you will be praised in public. Work hard while everyone is sleeping or being lazy because it will pay off just like it did for Naruto. Day and night he is always working hard to prove his skills and to be acknowledged by others.


If you make mistakes that is okay. Mistakes are inevitable. Don’t blame anyone else for your mishaps. Learn from your mistakes and continue to work hard.  When the nine-tailed fox was unleashed from inside Naruto and hurt people, he did not blame the fox for his actions. He took full responsibility for what happened. Naruto trained himself to not let hate and anger take over so an incident like that would never happen again.

Naruto reminds us, it’s not the face of a person that makes them a monster. It’s the choices they make that makes them a monster. Make the right choices, have faith in yourself and have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. Always remember, do not see the obstacles, see the goal. You need to believe in yourself for others to believe in you. If they say you can’t do it,  prove them wrong just like Naruto.


Stop Making Excuses


Often times I find myself making excuses and I am doing my best to stop that. I am just like anyone else, I am only human. However, a lot of excuses people make are just completely unnecessary. They are dumb excuses, you’re just weighing yourself down from achieving a goal or doing more.

Since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve been approached or caught in a conversation about photography. People would say they love photography and say they can’t take cool photos because they are not in a good location. (excuse) Some say, my photo equipment is not good enough to take a decent photo. (excuse) Numerous people would say that they do not have good subjects to take photos of. (excuse) Even I used to make this mistake until I watched another vlog by Andrew Kearns.

Vlog 17 is mainly about tulips, moms, dads, bangers, and GEAR. This vlog inspired me especially because before I used to make excuses about not having good enough photos because of gear. But no, the title of the vlog is “Gear doesn’t matter, practice does”. The camera I was shooting with was a Canon G1X (and an iPhone 5s) and produced pretty good photos. I’ve taken most of my photos with it and most people thought I took it on a Canon Mark 3 or something. I kept practicing with what I had and dealing with it. I kept taking photos and the more I did that my photography got better and better. Practice is what makes you better, not materialistic things like gear.

Saying you don’t have good enough gear is like saying: “I don’t have a gym membership to so I can’t work out”, Go to push-ups or go on a run. Stop making excuses, if you have something like a goal or a deadline. Go do it, there is nothing stopping you. Look at the goal, not the obstacles such as an excuse. Once you stop making excuses, the closer you get to your goal.

You can really do Anything

Intro – Logic (Under Pressure)

      Everyone klogic-bw-performance-billboard-1548.jpgnows someone that is a good leader. A leader is someone who has struggled to get to where they are today, inspires others, leads by example, and always willing to help others. Logic is one of the people. Logic is easily my favorite musician, listening to his music makes you feel like you are his best friend and you know who he is. He tells his story in his music and not most do that. He has struggled to get to where he is today, growing up he didn’t live the perfect childhood. Logic like a superhero that is born out of a crisis and rose out of tough times. I have been a fan since I listened to 925. After, I backtracked and listened to his first unofficial mixtape “Psychological”, then his first official “Young, Broke, & Infamous”, “Young Sinatra” and all the way up to the first album “Under Pressure”. I remember waiting for the album, I skipped school just to listen to it. Under Pressure raised my standards for hip hop and rap, there has been no other album that has topped it.


The intro is a perfect intro for Under Pressure, it highlights everything Logic talks about in the album. At the end of the intro, he says “You can really do anything” four times.

Under Pressure Album Cover

This is why I always listen to this song when I need motivation. I would listen to it before my wrestling match when I would doubt myself for anything, this intro is the perfect intro.

I consider Logic to be a role model for all his fans, a lot of people look up to him because he is really a great guy. The first concert I went to he preached about Peace, Love, and Positivity. He got mad at the crowd for two guys fighting; “we are all family motherf****s, there is no need to fight” were his exact words. Then he preached about Peace, Love, and Positivity once more and the show went on.

I believe if Logic grew up struggling with his friends to become as successful as he is today, then anything is possible. Logic worked hard to get where he is today, hard works beats anything. He leads his fans by example, shows his true colors to us, and preaches peace, love, and positivity. Hearing an artist say “You can really do anything” in their songs speaks. To me, this song speaks to me saying “If I can make my dream come true, you can really do anything”.

Do your best to strive and do more, because you can really do anything. If you can dream it you can achieve it!