Things are changing

Quite a bit has happened over the summer and I would love to tell you all; however, a blog post is not enough to explain everything. Things are changing! Change is both good and bad. I got my high school diploma, touched based with lots of family and friends, and got to meet wonderful people.  Unfortunately, after high school, everyone knows its impossible to keep up with everyone. People come and go. A lot has changed over the summer like: people, places, mindset, and goals. It is all for the better.

In regards of change:

– I have decided to take up videos. It is worth a shot and will allow me to express myself further as an artist. Being the person I am, I am going to do my best with filling my time. Along with music, photography, school, and a job. Video will be more on my plate. Its a challenge for myself.

-Thanks to my Auntie Vicky and Neal! I have started film photography. Still waiting to get them developed but it is coming soon.

-Blogs posts will be a lot different. I am going to do my best to keep up with them and make them a priority. But, on another level it will be more photos than writing. Hopefully a video sometime soon! I will have a ton of posts that will be dating back to the summer. I will not lie, I had a creative and emotional stump between summer and school. I am still yet to edit a lot of photos. Stay tuned for the next week.

-I am finally at Northern Virginia Community College. It is really not what I expected, a lot of my friends have left. It is just Ian and I. To look on the bright side, it is more time to myself. But, it is a big chance for me. I can work on my creative side with photography and work hard in school. As well as a job.

-A new layout & portfolio will also be coming soon. It will be gnarly.

I hope everyone is keeping their heads up, so will I.

Stay stoked,



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