You can really do anything

Intro – Logic (Under Pressure)

      Everyone klogic-bw-performance-billboard-1548.jpgnows someone that is a good leader. A leader is someone who has struggled to get to where they are today, inspires others, leads by example, and always willing to help others. Logic is one of the people. Logic is easily my favorite musician, listening to his music makes you feel like you are his best friend and you know who he is. He tells his story in his music and not most do that. He has struggled to get to where he is today, growing up he didn’t live the perfect childhood. Logic like a superhero that is born out of a crisis and rose out of tough times. I have been a fan since I listened to 925. After, I backtracked and listened to his first unofficial mix tape “Psychological”, than his first official “Young, Broke, & Infamous”, “Young Sinatra” and all the way up to the first album “Under Pressure”. I remember waiting for the album, I skipped school just to listen to it. Under Pressure raised my standards for hip hop and rap, there has been no other album that has topped it.

Under Pressure Album Cover

The intro is a perfect intro for Under Pressure, it highlights everything Logic talks about in the album. At the end of the intro, he says “You can really do anything” four times. This is why I always listen to this song when I need motivation. I would listen to it before my wrestling match, when I would doubt myself for anything, this intro is the perfect intro.

I consider Logic to be a role model for all his fans, a lot of people look up to him because he is really a great guy. The first concert I went to he preached about Peace, Love, and Positivity. He got mad at the crowd for two guys fighting; “we are all family motherf****s, there is no need to fight” were his exact words. Then he preached about Peace, Love and Positivity once more and the show went on.

I believe if Logic grew up struggling with his friends to become as successful as he is today, then anything is possible. Logic worked hard to get where he is today, hard works beats anything. He leads his fans by example, shows his true colors to us, and preaches peace, love, and positivty. Hearing an artist say “You can really do anything” in their songs speaks. To me, this songs speaks to me saying “If I can make my dream come true, you can really do anything”.

Do your best to strive and do more, because you can really do anything. If you can dream it you can achieve it!





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