Stop making excuses



Often times I find myself making excuses and I am doing my best to stop that. I am just like anyone else, I am only human. However, a lot of excuses people make are just completely unnecessary. They are dumb excuses, you’re just weighing yourself down from achieving a goal or doing more.

Since I started taking photography seriously, I’ve been approached or caught in conversation about photography. People would say they love photography and say they cant take cool photos because they are not in a good location. (excuse) Some say, my photo equipment is not good enough to take a decent photo. (excuse) Numerous people would say that they do not have good subjects to take photos of. (excuse) Even I used to make this mistake until I watched another vlog by Andrew Kearns.

Vlog 17 is mainly about tulips, moms, dads, bangers, and GEAR. This vlog inspired me especially because before I used to make excuses about not having good enough photos because of gear. But no, the title of the vlog is “Gear doesn’t matter, practice does”. The camera I was shooting with was a Canon G1X (and an Iphone 5s) and produced pretty good photos. I’ve taken most of my photos with it and most people thought I took it on a Canon Mark 3 or something. I kept practicing with what I had and dealing with it. I kept taking photos and the more I did that my photography got better and better. Practice is what makes you better, not materialistic things like gear.

Saying you don’t have good enough gear is like saying: “I don’t have a gym membership to so I cant work out”, Go to push ups or go on a run. Stop making excuses, if you have something like a goal or a deadline. Go do it, there is nothing stopping you. Look at the goal, not the obstacles such as an excuse. Once you stop making excuses, the closer you get to your goal.


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