Push your limits, Don’t reach them.

Andrew Kearns is Photographer based in Seattle, Washington, who quit his day job to go beyond his limits and live his dream. So far, it has done him very well. Andrew is always traveling and on the move. On top of all this, he creates vlogs to capture all these

Photo by Sam Elkins

precious moments to share with us. Andrew has the ability to motivate and inspire, he is almost like a coach pushing you to do more who leads by example. Andrew Kearns has inspired me to take on my own dream as a photographer, and to push my limits. Not reach them.


      Vlog 7 is a very important vlog. There are a lot of reasons why this vlog inspires me; however, it is not only me, there are other people this vlog has inspired. In this vlog, Andrew shares his story how: he moved around a ton growing up and music was his life then decided he didn’t want music to be his life, took a photography class and fell in love with the craft and started working hard, made life changing decisions and worked a normal job. In the vlog, Andrew states “Now I do what I love for work and I make enough to be comfortable, I’m doing just fine and I don’t really have to worry about things. But, I was comfortable and doing just fine at starbucks too. And doing just fine is not what this is about, it’s about pushing your limits and exceeding them. Once you find your limit, you’re doing something wrong, you’re not improving and that’s not what I want. When you put yourself out there on a risk where you can’t fail, you have no choice but to succeed.”

The point of this blog post is to motivate you to do more with your life. Hopefully, sharing Vlog 7 and Andrew’s words of wisdom helped. Because, it really motivates me to get out there. Although I have a different path and you do too, there is always room for a little more and achieve your goals.

Yours truly,

Adam Jun Moreno

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