THE Bucket list

Very recently I decided it would be good to create a bucket list. I really like bucket lists, usually I just keep these in my head or in my notes on my phone. In the future, once I can cross something off the list i will write about it. A Lot of these may seem realistic and unrealistic to you; but I am walking on a dream and it’s all realistic in my eyes.


(I will keep updating this list from time to time)

Bucket list:


1). Hike and Shoot with my inspirations:




2) Buy an authentic Tenor ukulele in Hawaii

3)  Teach english in a 3rd world country to children

4)  Hike in:

-Portland Oregon

-Washington coast


-Grand Canyon

-Hollywood Sign (again I don’t really remember it)




5)  Buy a Toyota Land Cruiser

6)  Skydive at least once

-Maybe try to get license if I love it

7)  Road trip across the US with friends before i’m 25

8)  Get a motorcycle license

9) Buy a Canon Eos M5 (Upgrade gear)

10) Graduate HS

11) Photo of:

-On top of a tall building with feet looking down (wide lens)

-Potato Chip Rock

-Super moon

-Niagra Falls

-Grand Canyon

-Monument valley, AZ

12) Go on a photography event with like 5+ photographers on a bus going place to place

13) Photograph a wedding

14) A month roadtrip and live out of my car and shoot photos from place to place

15) Start a vlog if my travels ever get bigger

16) Shake Chance the Rappers Hand

17) Rap with Logic

19) 10k followers on Instagram (I just want to share my photos with people)

20) Graduate from college


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