A Day in Cunningham Falls

Monday, February 21, 2017

My morning went like this: crawled out of bed (literally), had my morning cup of coffee, drew some quick sketches in my sketchbook, played a couple song on the ukulele, looked outside and then texted Ian.

10:08 am


Please excuse his language..

Around school, I would ask people if they hike at all and people would usually say yes, I “hike” Bears Den all the time.

I love Bears Den, don’t get me wrong. But, Bears Den isn’t really a hike. It’s not even a full mile I don’t think. I consider Bears Den a tourist spot.

Very beautiful overlook, if you’re trying to fit a good walk in or just a small walk with some friends, go to Dears Den! But, don’t say you’re going to hike bears den, at least don’t say it to me; or Ian.

12:30 am

Being the person I was, I started packing when Ian said he was around the corner. Quickly, I packed my camera, some food, my hammock, filled my Platypus Hoser and got dressed.

We planned to go to Old rag, I just looked at my spread sheet of places to hike and chose Old Rag. It was two hours away, Old Rag takes awhile to hike from what I have heard and we didn’t have enough time for that. So I chose another place; Cunningham Falls. It was a beautiful day out, at least 70 degrees, I was excited and ready to go.

1:25 pm

We got lost along the way, don’t trust technology. Trust your instincts; somehow we ended up on private property. An old man driving down the road told us to turn around and gave us directions. When he was backing up to let us turn around he ran his nice Mercedes Benz into a rock.. We felt really bad.

I saw a photo opportunity along the way and made Ian stop so I could capture the beauty.

2:34 pm

We got there eventually, parked, grabbed our bag and Ukulele and we were off. I had planned to see the falls but I was so eager to start hiking I just started walking with no idea where I was going but it was so worth it.

We started hiking around 2:45 pm and took on Bobs Hill.

3:36 pm

1.5 miles felt like 10, Ian and I did not enjoy the straight uphill the whole way.

I was a bit disappointed with north side of Bobs overlook, maybe it’s because I almost tripped and would’ve fallen off.

It was just this pretty overlook and some pointy rocks that hurt if you sat on it

The south side was beautiful. Here’s some photos; I didn’t fall, I swear. I was scared my camera would fall, I left it on this small rock and worried it would fall at least twenty feet down. The photos were worth the scare.


4:08 pm

The best part about hiking straight uphill is going back straight downhill. When we got back to the car, we decided to head on to destination number two. The actual falls trail which was the original plan.

The road we thought we were lost on was actually the road to the falls trail.. Like I said before, trust your instincts. Not your IPhone 5s that fails you all the time.

4:25 pm

The falls trail was a cute .5 miles, I got really excited when I heard the water rushing. Ive been planning to take exposures of some sort of waterfall or cascade but I never had the chance to do so. Not till that day at least. It was BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy these exposures.

5:34 pm

There was a lake by the parking lot that people fish at. It was quite beautiful, I was hoping the sunset would reflect over the water but it did not.  You’re not allowed to swim; but I am assuming people probably do it anyways.

Cunningham is beautiful, 10/10 recommend if you are ever in the area. Lovely place for a summer day and a good hike. I will definitely go back some time soon.

Thanks for reading! Please share and comment! I would love to hear from you guys.





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