3 reasons why people lie (1 min read)

Every day someone will lie, either its to themselves or to another individual. There are many reasons why a person will lie. Three reasons a person would lie would be to avoid confrontation, to persuade, or to make themselves likable.

Avoid confrontation 

People will lie to avoid confrontation. For those who don’t like arguments they will lie to dodge it. Simply agreeing with someones opinion instead of contradicting with their opinion will avoid an argument. For example, I could agree with a girl in my class who has a strong opinion on the election but in my head I completely disagree with her.

To Persuade

People do this everyday and some may not know it. People lie to convince someone to do something the way they want it. A person will keep lying until the person is persuaded into doing a certain action. Some servers at restaurants may do this, a customer could ask if a certain meal on the menu is delicious and the server could simply say “yes I would recommend that choice”, just to take the order and get on with their day.

To make themselves likable

Some people will lie to make themselves likable, which just makes them come off as extremely fake. I have encountered people like this plenty of times. For example, I bought this girl lunch a couple years ago. She knew hearing about peoples travels caught my attention, she claimed she went to Greece, Paris, Australia, and all these foreign places. She even told me stories which made these places sound wonderful. Later, her friends told me that none of that was true. I liked her for a day, we don’t talk anymore.

Even if you lie for your own benefit and you got away with it. Whether you got caught in the lie or you’re just lying to yourself. Its probably not the best move. We all lie, but do your best to be honest with yourself and other people.

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