The beauty of Spontaneous Adventures

    Adventure is knocking at your door and will bring you happiness. Why would you turn away? Unplanned adventures are wonderful. My favorite memories are my spontaneous adventures with others. When the opportunity for a random adventure comes, I don’t even think or hesitate; instead I embrace it. A day I will never forget was the day my high school girlfriend and I went separate ways, I had lost a friend and I was in a very bad mood. It was 10 in the morning and she had just left the front steps of my house, and I received a call from my best friend Ian. If Ian had asked, i would have said no. Instead, he said he is on his way to pick me up to go hiking. I grabbed my gear, dragged myself out the door, and into the car. When Ian picked me up, I was in a bad mood, when he dropped me off, I was in a very joyful mood. I was happy because I had learned something. Even though she may not have been my friend anymore, I still had my best friend and I’m very thankful. Each adventure, unplanned or planned, will change you forever whether it has a good or bad outcome. Anything and everything can be a learning experience. 

Quick shout out to Ian Reid, you’re my homie for life.


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