Acknowledging your goals and what you want to do

My name is Adam Jun Moreno, I am a 17 year old senior year in High school and I’m ready to graduate in a couple months, I don’t really have an idea of what I’m going to do after I graduate unlike all the other kids with a 4.0 or full ride to UVA or VT. From the beginning of senior year till now, I’ve been complaining and not taking action. All my friends are getting their acceptance letters and I’m just chillin… still.

I wont lie to you, I’m still frustrated because I feel behind everyone else. It wasn’t until I was talking to my godfather about college, and I was basically just being a crybaby and not taking initiative. He told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and start doing things, then I realized that’s the difference between me and everyone else. They are doing something to achieve their goals, they’ve started working towards what they want. And unfortunately I haven’t started…. yet.

Another wake up call I had was a couple hours ago, I re read one of my favorite books which I haven’t read since freshman or sophomore year. The book is called “Did I ever wake up?” by MOD SUN. Very inspiring book, I highly encourage reading it. Taking the little pieces of advice from this book and putting them together is like putting a puzzle together. Like:

-Don’t hope for anything

-The Dresser concept

-The Universe is unbiased

-You must know what you want and you must believe without a doubt you will obtain it

Little things like that screwed my head on a little tighter. It helped me grip my dreams a little and have faith that I can achieve the. Because I WILL achieve them.

Another wake up call was from my best friend Carder Saul. It was awhile ago, I was strumming my ukulele in my room and carder shot me a text with a link. He told me to read it, hoping it would inspire me.. it really did. It was Indy Blue’s blog. I love her blog and I love her work, I’ve seen her work before but not her blog. I highly encourage you to read it. Her blog was about creating the life you want and honestly, its a good read. This blog really really screwed my head on tighter. I needed a bit of inspiration and I found it, shout out to you Indy if you ever read this, this is my way of saying thank you. I need to create the life I wanted and i have the ability to do it. I know i can do it and i WILL do it.

I need to know what my dreams are and my goals and how I’m gonna reach them, I’m not there yet but we gon get there. “Wherever the waves take us we ride.” That’s the motto homies.


-I will become a photographer, I’m  gonna keep taking photos start networking and everything. (my ultimate goal is to photograph the world)

-I will travel, I may not be able to do it now but I will soon. I’ll start working eventually I’ll go from just hiking in Virginia to hiking in Portland, Oregon or somewhere in Iceland or maybe even Hawaii.

-After I graduate from HS, I will get a bachelor’s degree some way whether I go to a university or start in community college, either way I’m gonna get it. (Even if it’s the military)

-I will make my parents proud, even prouder than they are now

-I will keep my head screwed on tight with my eyes on the prize.

What I think everyone should do is acknowledging your goals, knowing what you want only gives you the drive to achieve them. Its the first step to achieving them. Never lose sight on what you desire.


4 thoughts on “Acknowledging your goals and what you want to do

  1. Life is full of choices. We have to make them for those decisions to change our path. There will, undoubtedly, be switchbacks. But, every experience is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, the world, and others. I wish you the best in your career. You won’t be innately successful if you go to college, but it will be a display to employers of your dedication, and some companies won’t hire you unless you have a degree. Research. Enter your photos in contests. And stay positive! No one can live your life for you! Good luck and kudos on your ‘awakening.’ Wish I’d been as smart at your age!
    – Elysia

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  2. I think if goals as a project and all of the steps in that project are the tasks necessary to create a project. Some tasks may not work out the way you want and that’s fine all we can do is move on to another task that is affiliated with the project. In the end the major project we work on is our life and life is great when we have purpose and meaning. Sounds like you have those things. Photographing the world will take one picture at a time. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm.

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